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Emil Kendziorra
4 min readApr 7, 2021

Over the last year we’ve built a strong team for Tomorrow Biostasis. All of our core responsibilities are covered and we’ve been operational for a while. Now we’re starting with the second phase of building and scaling the company — and hiring is one of the most important parts.

We have the first positions published and will open up a few more over the next weeks. Apart from these specific functions we are also very open to speculative applications. In fact, the goal of this article is to actively solicit them. Due to the uncommon and multifaceted nature of what we do we’re looking for exceptionally unique people. Most importantly, people who have a clear and explicit understanding of what they want to do next.

In the end we have one thing to offer: Impact.

A large percentage of companies try to make the point that working for them creates positive “impact “, not only on the bottom line of the company but on the world. Of course they might, but quite clearly there are different degrees of positive impact. There’s an obvious difference between selling B2B parts or 10-min food delivery vs banking the unbanked or running a biotech. All of these things can be great, profitable and fulfilling businesses and career paths but it’s intellectually dishonest to sell everything as the same shade of “high positive impact”.

I would argue that Biostasis is one the far end of that scale. Read more on why, here and here. Joining us requires that you agree both on the “impact” as well as the “positive” part.

There are few more points to make.

Motivation and drive trumps experience.

Reach out to us no matter where you are in your career. From students or recent grads to experienced executives — we’re looking forward to hearing from you. And while there is a stringent requirement for skills, we’re valuing drive and specific motivation incredibly highly. We do not require any prior experience with the topic.

Intrinsic motivation

Different jobs and careers require different levels of intrinsic motivation. Usually the more complex, difficult or unique a position is, the more intrinsic motivation it requires to make it a good choice. Without strong (!) intrinsic motivation working for us is a bad choice. For the most part it’s not a strategic career move, there are no crazy bonuses, and since we do not plan to exit the company, there will be no big payday from selling the company. We will spend much of the hiring process on understanding motivation. We’ll also present the positions and what we do with brutal honesty to make absolutely sure everybody has a crystal clear understanding of what they are getting into.

Conviction & resilience

There are no quick wins in what we do. This will be a long journey towards a far in the future goal. We’re looking for people who want to push the status quo for many years and don’t look for (or need) short-term gratification. You need to be fine with pushing forward for longer and harder than usual. Resilience and tenacity is a must.

Mission driven

The company is fully mission driven. The goal is to offer the highest quality Biostasis service to the most possible people at the lowest price. And finally to fund and conduct research to make revival possible.

While this gives everybody a clear north star to orientate on, it also means that we will not pivot to things that might be more profitable or easier in the short-term. Come hell or high water our path is set!

Pioneer work

Working on Biostasis is pioneer work — very much so. There are few other organizations doing the same, there is little data on market size or population sentiment, many things — from legal concepts to procedures and processes — need to be created from scratch. These can be pros or cons depending on your personality and preference. For people joining us these must be pros.

Sense of responsibility

We take responsibility for people’s lives. For all intents and purposes, we should (and do) consider patients undergoing or those already in cryopreservation as having the same level of consideration and protection as people who are alive. We’re looking for people who are willing and able to take an incredible amount of responsibility.


No short term advantages or profitability consideration can and will ever take priority in our decision making. We’ve built safeguards into the structure of the organization but require that everyone helps to uphold these standards and keep each others on the team accountable.

Long story short, please reach out to me if impact is your primary motivator and you have consciously decided that you practically do not care about anything else!

Tell us about you here or via Linkedin (with probably some delay) or email.



Emil Kendziorra

President of the Board at EBF & CEO at Tomorrow Biostasis